Garden Log Cabin

Technological advancement has led to the development of excellent and new trends in the design of gardens. Miniature log gardens are built by people as an alternative or secondary dwelling place. The structures are very cute, functional and they also contribute greatly to adding value to the home. If you are planning to transplant or built a log cabin in your garden, you need to consider the following tips. These tips will help in choosing a perfect garden login cabin.


Consider the purpose of log cabin

Why do you need this facility in your garden?  This question will guide you in coming up with the best ideas as you move forward to choosing your cabin. It will help you in coming up with the right designs.


Diversifying the surrounding plantsgnrgwnlgj

This makes your cabin by beautifying its surrounding which is your garden. Most people fail to take into account of the look of their garden cabin.  The rustic and simple appearance of this dwelling place should be countered by using diverse plant species. You should be more creative when making your choice.


Make it a guest cabin

You should try to design a functional login cabin which is more close to an actual residence.  Having a guest cabin is a great idea for establishing a secondary dwelling place where people can stay. At adds more value to the home. You only need a small space for this facility within your garden. Most people prefer building their guest cabin just next to the main residential house.


Consider the eco-friendly options

You should try making your log cabin to be more environmentally friendly. This facility is considered to be less environmentally friendly due to the many chemicals used in the garden. You can decide to use the organic chemicals which have no adverse effects to the environment. Practice organic farming. For instance, you can use compost manure in the garden instead of inorganic fertilizers.


Giving it a home treatment

Regular mainte2owighewgnance is need in the log cabin just like in the primary house. The size of the structure makes the various tasks such as painting very simple and easy. The facility need to be inspected thoroughly every year. It should be treated for pest. Additionally, the structure should have its own plumbing and lighting system. These systems should be tested regularly to avoid  any broken pipes and power shorts.


By bringing the garden inside

You may use your login cabin as a part-greenhouse. This will enable you to take care and maintain the facility al year along. This can be practised mainly during winter when the outside conditions are not favourable for the growth of plants.